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HP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) 9.2 which will be announced later in February. Integrated with HP Agile Manager, HP PPM 9.2 enables organizations to support and prioritize dozens of fast-paced projects while still achieving the alignment of IT priorities with business objectives. The new release features an improved user experience, said Bruce Randall, director of product marketing for project and portfolio management at HP. HP PPM 9.2 provides real-time visibility into all application development activities for both traditional and agile development initiatives.

In addition, enhancements to HP PPM 9.2 enable clients to reduce operational costs through embedded integrations with HP ALM and HP QC, enabling organizations to prioritize tasks, efficiently manage resources and automate key administrative activities throughout the application lifecycle. The enhancements also improve employee productivity through a new mobile time-management application that allows project managers to connect to corporate time-management systems remotely, Randall said.

“We focus on everything portfolio and project management is about—all the facets,” Randall said. “HP PPM 9.2 delivers several things we built with our customers’ and the market’s needs in mind, such as an always-on Web interface. We’ll also have the new mobile app on iOS and Android soon after the launch. This release gives you the ability to determine resource capacity and assignments and create a governance process.”

Moreover, Randall said the combination of HP PPM and HP Agile Manager presents a “holistic way to manage all types of projects.” The integration allows users to find and assign appropriate resources, and it helps users manage nonagile components of projects, such as sales and marketing staff, he said.

Listed few of New and Enhanced Features and Functionality of PPM 9.2

  • “Forecast and Actuals” Changed to “Costs,” and “Planned” Changed to “Forecast”
  • Capital Expenses in Approved Budgets
  • Ways to Change Appearance of Scenario Content in Scenario Comparisons
  • Exporting Scenario Content to Microsoft Excel
  • Integration with Microsoft Project 2010
  • New Table Component
  • New Rule Event: Apply on Copy
  • CMQC for Quality Center 11.0 (Embedded project quality reports from your HP Quality Center or ALM environments for complete visibility into project status)
  • Importing Requests from XML Files
  • Revamped user interface and new mobile time management that will increase user adoption throughout the enterprise
  • Integration with HP’s Agile Manager consolidates traditional and agile project investments and status into one place

To access a HP PPM 9.2 research data please click here

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