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There is a saying: “you are only as good as your last performance,” and this is so true in today’s competitive business climate, where agility and speed to deliver new products and services can make the difference between a market leader and a struggling business.

Through the looking glass of a shareholder, a business is only as good as its last quarterly performance. With the advent of new technologies (and the speed at which trends and requirements change as a result), traditional delivery methods of yesteryear are no longer sufficient to keep an organization competitive. The rapidly changing demands of the marketplace mean that, by the time many old (18-24 months ago) business requirements are deployed as a product or service, they no longer meet customer needs.

Successful businesses need to be both tactical and strategic, to be agile and continuously deliver value, and do so with great quality and consistency. How is this achieved? Frequently the answer lies in choosing the right PPM tool. PPM tools have historically been used for either top-down forecasting and planning of the strategic portfolio or for project management – but not often both within the same organization. It is not uncommon today for businesses to utilize two different tools for each purpose.

With so many products and services that support overall business strategy being enabled or entirely delivered via technology, it’s important to choose a PPM solution that enables you to plan strategically and deliver tactically, balancing top-down planning and bottoms-up execution, addressing the full portfolio of products, services, resources, investments and assets as they relate to corporate strategic initiatives and delivering on the strategy with methodologies like Agile. In this way, you can deliver business performance that excites even the hardest critics: the shareholders.

According to the recently released report: “The Forrester WaveTM: Project/Program Portfolio Management, Q4 2012″ 1, (where CA Technologies is cited as a “Leader,”), “The need to support Lean and Agile processes make today’s PPM tool choice more difficult. Above-the-line tools support strategic planning focused on value, risks and benefits. Below-the-line tools focus on managing demand and day-to-day work. “

One of these tool choices is the CA Clarity PPM solution by CA Technologies which meets the demands of both above-the-line and below-the-line Project/Program Portfolio Management.

Learn more by downloading a complimentary copy of the Forrester report at I also suggest you explore to learn more about our outstanding CA Clarity PPM offering. You’ll find white papers, demonstrations, case studies, as well as the ability to speak to a representative to answer any questions you may have.  Check out the PPM Buyers Guide to inform your choice.

The Forrester Wave: Project/Program Portfolio Management, Q4 2012, 1Forrester Research, Inc., December 20, 2012

Article source: CA PPM Blog

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