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I was having a very interesting chat with an analyst the other day about the trend towards governing previously disparate IT resources, assets, investments, projects, etc. as an integrated portfolio.  He mentioned that he had found many IT organizations were doing more than they realized in this area and called this phenomenon “accidental IIPA.” 

That’s a thought-provoking concept.  When the concept of the IIPA market was introduced last year, I considered it a new frontier, something that most IT organizations would look upon as aspirational, but not necessarily something they were doing yet to any great degree. But when you think about it like this analyst does, you realize that what we are really looking at is a formalization of something that was taking place anyway, if in an ad-hoc, manual or inefficient manner. 

IT organizations have always had responsibility for their own assets, projects, budgets and resources.  And they’ve always had to account for IT spend in some way or another to a business authority who would ultimately make decisions about budget dollars, resource allocations and mission. Support for decisions about what to invest in, how to deliver and what resources would be needed to do so has always been a fundamental part of the planning process. Historically, decision makers received their inputs via manual data gathering in spreadsheets, disparate systems with little or no integration and lots of time and energy.

What’s different now? Now companies like CA Technologies offer integrated solutions to enable the definition and management of the complete IT portfolio, including assets, projects, products/services, applications, investments, and resources, enabling a comprehensive approach to IIPA and making it possible for IT organizations to collaborate with stakeholders and connect across traditional boundaries to ensure value is realized throughout the lifecycle of the portfolio they provide to the business.

Gartner just released the Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications1 and it’s with great pleasure that I announce that CA Technologies is positioned in the “leaders” quadrant. 

According to Gartner: “The integrated IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) market consists of vendors providing the integration of individual portfolios – for investments, projects, assets and IT services – to present a more holistic story regarding the true state of the IT portfolio. Integrating these views enables IT managers to see the cost, effort, technical complexity, feasibility and interrelated effects of a proposed IT change or initiative before it is approved.”1

CA Technologies is pleased to offer the CA Clarity PPM solution to meet the demands of integrated IT portfolio analysis. CA Technologies looks to further progress as leaders in this space as we work with our customers to help them realize the benefits of IIPA.

Learn more by downloading a complimentary copy of the Gartner report here. I also suggest you explore to learn more about our outstanding CA Clarity PPM offering. You’ll find white papers, demonstrations, case studies and more. 

 1Gartner  Inc., Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications, Daniel B. Stang, Jim Duggan, November 28, 2012

Article source: CA PPM Blog

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