Operational Reporting Content Pack 1.2 (CP1.2) for HP PPM

HP is pleased to announce the release of Operational Reporting Content Pack 1.2 (CP1.2) available for PPM 9.12, 9.13, and 9.14. CP1.2 provides a substantial improvement to the performance and stability of the Operational Reporting ETL processes. Performance benchmarks on CP1.2 yielded better than 10x improvement (see details below) while also eliminating the unique constraint errors encountered by customers during the incremental ETL.

We encourage all customers using the Operation Reporting feature with PPM 9.12, 9.13, or 9.14 to apply CP 1.2. Application of this new content pack will be the first recommendation from support for all issues related to the ETL process on earlier versions. Links to the release notes, updated manuals, and software are below.

Content Pack 1.2 Release Notes
Operational Reporting Administration Guide for 9.12 and higher
Content Pack 1.2 Software Download

Customer Example
The incremental ETL process testing was 40 minutes in duration compared to 4.5 hours prior to CP1.2.

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