Service Pack Confusion ?! PPM 9.14 & PPM 9.14_1 & PPM 9.14_2


HP released service packs consecutivly;

  • PPM 9.14      24.April.2012 – In this version there are some enhancements, integrations, certifications, and fixes
  • PPM 9.14_1  29.June.2012 – In this version there are some hotfixes and defect fixes since version 9.14.This patch has been superseded by PPM 9.14_2 (=PPMC_00115)
  • PPM 9.14_2  19.July.2012 – In this version there are three defect fixes since version 9.14.0001. To download new service pack please click here. Below Critical Warning has been issued by HP;
    • A defect was found in PPMC_00114 (PPMC 9.14.0001) that prevents search functionality when more than one request type is selected in the Request Advanced search and/or Request List Portlet filters.
    • The defect for this issue is Change Request QCCR1L47663.
    • If you have installed PPMC_00114 (PPMC 9.14.0001) you should download and apply PPMC_00115 (PPMC 9.14.0002) to resolve this issue. 9.14.0002 is a cumulative patch that contains all fixes 9.14.0001 and can be applied directly to any PPM 9.14 installation.
    • HP recommends all customers operate on the latest code base. HP recommends all customers apply PPM 9.14 and additionally apply patch set 2 PPMC_00115 (PPMC 9.14.0002).

In addition to that to understand new HP release strategy please read PPM Patch Strategy in this article

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