Expert insight: 3 models for integrating resource management all of IT Operations

We know the real-world experience of our members in the HP Enterprise Software IT Experts Community is vast. So when they offer to share that practical knowledge in for the from of an article or guide, we eagerly accept.

Celil Çiynekli, a Process Quality Consultant based in Istanbul, Turkey, recently wrote a detailed guide for the resource management of integrated IT Operations teams using HP SM and HP PPM. It presents three models (which he calls Primus, Optimus and Maximus) for managing workloads when IT teams are split between operational tasks like application support and infrastructure support, and project tasks for building or improving a system.

As organizations continue to push IT teams to do more with less, we thought this was an important guide to share with the HP IT Experts community.

Download Primus, Optimus, Maximus: Integrating Resource Management for all IT Operations using HP SM HP PPM, and then weigh in with your thoughts on the PPM discussion forum—how does your organization manage integrated workloads of support teams and project teams?

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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