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Documentum End of Support Notice
PPM Patch Strategy post 9.14
Important information about PPM Operational Reporting in 9.1x
New PPM Forum

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Documentum End of Support Notice     :

Hewlett-Packard (“HP”) is announcing the end of support for the EMC Documentum (“Documentum”) feature in HP Project and Portfolio Management Center version 9.1, described as the “HP Document Management module,” effective as of the dates set forth below.  This letter is being sent to HP Project and Portfolio Management Center support customers worldwide, to inform you of our end of support plans.   Future versions of the HP Project and Portfolio Management Center product will no longer include Documentum as an integration option for both new and upgrade customers.

With the successful release of the PPM Database Document Management System (“PPM Database DMS”) in PPM 9.13 in November 2011, HP is able to provide a better solution for our customers.  Customers using the document management option available in PPM Database DMS can benefit from a substantial decrease in the total cost of ownership of the PPM solution by eliminating the need (a) for separate hardware for content and indexing and (b) to maintain an additional enterprise application in Documentum.  Conversion to the new PPM Database DMS solution is transparent to your end users, and it provides a method for doing a “live” migration with no down time!

September 30, 2013 will be the last day to receive support for Documentum related issues.   HP urges all customers to plan and prepare for migration to our new PPM Database DMS solution before then.  Additionally, all customer support contracts with EMC (established and provided by HP) for direct support from EMC will expire on December 31, 2013 and will not be renewed.   This announcement also includes the discontinuance and end of support for the “PPM Documentum Connector” (TA996AAE) product customers may have purchased for integrating with their own pre-existing Documentum instance.

Key Dates
November 2011
 PPM 9.13 generally available.  Contains “PPM Database DMS” feature to replace Documentum .
November 2011
Documentum solution for PPM Document Management is no longer available to new HP PPM customers.
July 2012
HP announces discontinuance and end of support for all Documentum integration components.
September 30, 2013
End of Support for Documentum for document management in HP PPM 9.1.
September 30, 2013
End of Support for PPM Documentum Connector (TA996AAE).
December 31, 2013
All EMC support contracts provided by HP to PPM customers will expire and will not be renewed.

If you are currently using EMC’s Documentum for PPM document management, we recommend you start your plans for migrating to the new PPM Database DMS solution provided in PPM 9.13 (and higher).  A migration tool is provided in PPM 9.13 (and higher) to allow customers a non-disruptive, “live” migration to the new document management solution. 

For more information on the options available to you, please review the FAQ below.  For questions about the end of support notice, you may email PPM Documentum EOS Questions.   For technical support during your migration, contact PPM Software Support.  


  • What are the benefits of using the built-in PPM Database DMS for document management?

Total cost of ownership of your PPM installation is greatly reduced.  Eliminates the need to manage separate hardware for content and index servers as well as an entire enterprise application for document management functionality. Documents are stored in the same database as PPM data.  There is no need for extra Oracle Servers, as it is easy to backup “PPM Data + attachments” at the same time. Database Administrators can modify tablespaces used to store Documents and Full Text Search indexes if needed. Full Text search can be conducted on latest versions of documents only (tip versions), or all versions of documents. DMS properties are editable via the web through the Administration Management Console and are saved in the database.  There is no longer a need to keep dms.conf files in synch between cluster nodes. Attachment size limitation is now a configurable property. The amount of file name characters to display in PPM before truncation is now configurable. Clicking an attachment link prompts users for Download or Save option instead of automatically opening in a new browser window. Changes to DMS properties take effect immediately.  There is no need to restart PPM.

  • Can you explain what you mean by a “live” migration from Documentum to the new PPM Database DMS?

The migration tool provided by HP can be used to move documents from your existing repository (Documentum or PPM File System) into the PPM Database DMS while PPM is up and running.   Once the migration is complete, you can then operate in a transition phase as a fail-safe using the new PPM Database DMS.   PPM will continue to store documents in both the old and new DMS locations until you “commit” the migration. 

  • What versions of Documentum are supported by the migration tool?

Migration from Documentum to either the PPM Database DMS or PPM File System is supported for Documentum 6.5 SP2 only.    

  • Where can I find more information about the new PPM Database DMS?

Customers interested in more information about the PPM Database DMS should review the following information:

     PPM 9.13 (or higher) release notes (available on the Software Support Online (SSO) manuals site)
     PPM Center Database DMS Manual (available on the Software Support Online (SSO) manuals site)
      Knowledge Base Article (KM1329046) – PPM Document Management Solution Sizing 

  • Where are my documents stored in the PPM Database DMS solution?

PPM documents will now be stored in the Oracle database in the same schemas as your other PPM data. 

  • How can I estimate the additional size needed in my Oracle database to store my documents?

Knowledge Base Article (KM1329046) – PPM Document Management Solution Sizing 

  • I no longer need any document management capability.  Can I migrate back to simple, filesystem attachment storage?

Yes.  The migration tool provided in PPM 9.13 (and higher) will allow you to extract the most recent version of your documents from Documentum and move them to the PPM filesystem.  Storing files on your PPM filesystem does not provide functionality for versioning, check in, check out, or searching.  Previous versioning information will not be retained and the latest version of the document will be migrated to the file system. 

  • HP helped me setup a support account directly with EMC.  What will happen to my support from EMC?

All EMC customer support accounts provided by HP will remain active until December 31, 2013.   These accounts will not be renewed beyond this date. 


PM Patch Strategy post 9.14

Details described before this article.




Important information about PPM Operational Reporting in 9.1x

The Operational Reporting feature (based on SAP Business Objects – BO reporting) provided in PPM v9.1 is currently subject to performance issues. The issue results from the ETL (extract, transform, load) process that moves data between PPM and the Operational Reporting database.  Not all customers are affected. However, some customers may experience longer than expected ETL refresh time based on different variables such as large datasets, the combination of project, time, and resource configurations, and the complex interrelationship between this data within the PPM application.  HP R&D along with Customer Support are working diligently to remedy those customers currently impacted.  

HP recognizes the importance of the Operational Reporting feature. We are working diligently to resolve this issue.  Meanwhile, we advise customers considering implementing the Operational Reporting feature to plan an extended staging phase until the appropriate resolution is available. We will provide additional updates as they become available via this forum thread.


New PPM Forum:

HP recently announced a new Project and Portfolio Management Support Customer Forum that is available to all HP PPM customers with a valid PPM support contract. The Product Management and Support teams will utilize this forum to provide our customers with important information about the PPM product. We have recently posted several important communications for all HP PPM customers. The links to this information is below. In order to access this forum you will need a valid SAID (Support Agreement Identifier) for PPM linked to your HP Passport account. For more information about the new Project and Portfolio Management Support Customer Forum and how to access it please review this post.

HP PPM Support and Product Management Teams

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