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Richard Hawes, from the HP IT Financial Management, Executive Scorecard, Analytics team discusses how HP Executive Scorecard and PPM 9.1 work together to give executives actionable information. 

In his post about the PPM 9.1 Reporting strategy,  John Jeremiah described the 3 levels of the PPM 9.1 approach to provide information for all the organization’s stakeholders

In this short update, I want to explore the HP Executive Scorecard in a bit more detail.

HP Executive Scorecard (XS), assembles and presents organization-level performance indicators against several key dimensions:

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–       Program and Project performance

–       Asset, labor and other IT spending

–       Service level attainment

–       Service management performance

It comes ready-configured with best practice key performance indicators and modifiable dashboards including Summary, Service, Financial and Program views out of the box.

XS pulls performance data from PPM 9.1, HP Service Manager, HP Asset Manager (via HP Financial Planning and Analysis) and HP Business Service Management and then aggregates the data into the key indicators that provide executives with the right level of detail.  

Essentially a dashboard for their organization, they are able to monitor the organization’s performance while en-route to their overall objectives.  Just as a pilot monitors the instruments in the cockpit, executives now have the ability and the insights to manage their organizations’ journey to success.    While XS is not part of the base PPM license, it can be easily added to PPM 9.1 installations – giving executives with the knowledge and insight to act.

More information and demos of Executive Scorecard can be found at

In one of our upcomming blog posts, we’ll explore HP Financial Planning and Analysis in more detail.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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