"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black” –H. Ford, 1909

Every organization is unique and has unique structures for how they plan and execute their portfolio of transformation initiatives.   Some create portfolio’s to manage to specific strategic objectives, and others organize around business functions.   Having clear, transparent insight into the portfolio is vital in today’s business environment, as executives and leaders need to have the right information to make timely business decisions.

PPM 9.1 Portfolio Hierarchy.png

One of the most innovative changes in PPM 9.1 is the introduction of a flexible and dynamic structure to manage your portfolios.  

In PPM 9.1, the Portfolio Hierarchy, gives you a flexible framework for your portfolio, so that your organization’s unique needs and structures can be matched in PPM.   This helps to give executives and leaders the visibility and insight they need to effectively lead their organizations.   

Just like you can buy a car of any color, with PPM you can manage your portfolio in the way that 

Stay tuned – In our future blog updates, we’ll explore some of the exciting details of the portfolio hierarchy.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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