PPM 9.14 Released

The following certifications are included in PPM Center version 9.14:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit)
* VMware ESX 4.1.0
* SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 with Service Pack 4 Fix Pack 1 (SBOP Enterprise XI 3.1 SP4 FP1) for the Operational Reporting solution for PPM Center
* Universal CMDB version 9.05 for PPM Center integrations  with Universal CMDB (using ALM)
* HP Service Manager 9.30 when used to integrate PPM Center tasks and Service Manager changes
* HP Application Lifecycle Management version 11.00 and version 11.00 Service Pack 2 for integration with PPM Center

Corrections   :
– QCCR1L41074: You receive a financial summary error when the validation 3913 is executed on the last day of a fiscal period.
– QCCR1L41188: You cannot use Web Services to set the actual and planned costs in base currency in a financial summary. Only local currency is supported.
– QCCR1L43023: The synchronization between staffing profiles and financial summaries does not work. This issue makes the “Calculate the forecasted labor costs from the staffing profile.” option in the Project Settings fail.
– QCCR1L43169: In a project that has the “Calculate the forecasted labor costs from the staffing profile” option disabled, the FS-SP sync service still uses the staffing profile to synchronize with the financial summary.
– QCCR1L43186: Cost is not calculated when you add tasks actuals to a work plan by using Web Services.
– QCCR1L44777: You receive an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error when opening a financial summary from a proposal.
– QCCR1L42559: You receive a NullPointerException error when trying to copy benefit lines from previous years on the Edit Benefits page.
– QCCR1L42745: The financial summary name defaults to a different project’s name and shows it was created by someone other than the person that created it.

Enhancements  :

*  Enhancements to Resource Management Module
*  Copying Date Field Value Using Functions of KNTA_USER_UTIL Package
*  Configuring Initial Text in Mobility Access Email Notifications
*  Specifying Font Size for Workflow Layout Image
*  Hierarchical Order of Active Workflow Steps on the Request Search Results Table
*  Improved Field Level Security Check on Mass Updates
*  Logging of Physical Memory and Operating System Swap File Space at Server Startup
*  Improved Control over the Size and Number of Unique Values in Pivot Tables
*  Custom Rules for Time Sheets
*  Support for Multi-Domain LDAP Import
*  Control Over Encryption Suites Used by SSL (TLS) Sockets
*  New Parameters for the Silent Installation of Microsoft Project Plug-in
*  Enhancements to PPM Center Integration with Quality Center (Using ALM)
*  Upgrading PPM Center Integration with Quality Center (Using ALM)

and more..
For more information, refer to the HP Project and Portfolio
Management Center Software Version 9.14 (Service Pack 4)
Release Notes. A copy of the release notes can be found at:

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