Transformations for Cloud, PPM is critical – The PPM Cloud Accelerator Report 2011

I continue to be impressed with the interest, activity and planning that is currently happening to leverage cloud services. I attended the ISACA IT Governance, Risk and Compliance conference last week where I facilitated a workshop on the challenges of cloud computing. The room was full and the stories plentiful on organizations leveraging, or looking to leverage, the cloud. As usual, security was a top discussion point, but the thread that ran though the workshop strongest was that the organizations represented there were being driven to cloud primarily by the use of mobile applications.

Another telling question was when asked about vendor and supplier management, only two organizations in the room were doing it now, but, almost everyone acknowledged that it will be a primary role of IT within two years.

An IT organization’s transition to the cloud requires planning. Part of that planning process is to consider the risk profile and how it changes with the move to cloud. As with all transformations, an effective and robust decision process aligned to the organization’s strategy and risk profile is to identify the target applications and services that may shift to cloud. This reflects one of the critical findings of the “The PPM Cloud Accelerator Report 2011” Ovum global research conducted for CA Technologies. The report found that a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is fundamental to successful cloud transformation programs and delivering the structure and rigor required to effectively manage the transformation process. The report also articulated the finding that non-traditional PPM users increasingly look to adopt PPM solutions to support their own cloud transformation processes.

Amongst the many findings, the survey identified that by 2013 there will be a 13 percent increase in the demand for PPM among organizations that plan and execute successful cloud initiatives – the highest increase of any software category used to manage public cloud-related transformation projects. This confirms the global transformation I am seeing.

In summary, PPM could play a fundamental role in managing the programs, projects, requirements and resources needed as organizations innovate and move toward this cloud transformation and change. Additionally and most importantly, PPM facilitates the planning and decision-making processes that determine the optimum future IT services portfolio and which transformation initiatives will deliver the most business value.

If your PPM skills are not up to date, it could be time for a refresher!

Note: The PPM Cloud Accelerator Report 2011 can be downloaded at

Published: October 26 2011, 08:57 AM
by Robert Stroud @ CA

Article source: CA PPM Blog

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