Resource Management Maturity Model

The Resource Management Maturity Model™ (RMMM) enables organizations to define and execute an effective resource management strategy. It accomplishes this by helping stakeholders better align resource-related information needs with their level of project and portfolio management (PPM) process maturity and technology enablement.

The RMMM identifies a logical progression of resource and capacity management process sophistication which is enumerated as five levels of maturity. Each level of maturity is described along seven common dimensions. IT organizations can use the RMMM to ensure they can manage project resources and capacity at the “just right” level of granularity for the business.

Specifically, the goals of the Resource Management Maturity Model are to:

  1. Provide resource managers, portfolio managers and business executives (the stakeholders) in project- intensive organizations with a framework and common language for communicating about resource management objectives, issues and outcomes.
  2. Deliver a roadmap and a guide for stakeholders that helps them characterize their current level of maturity and determine the optimal, aspirational level of maturity.
  3. Expose clearly the implications and consequences of aspiring to or operating at a particular level of resource management maturity in areas like data gathering and reporting requirements, software technology selection, governance infrastructure, and resulting business benefits.
  4. Prepare stakeholders to make better assessments of PPM software options for resource management and choose the solution that is best suited to meet current and projected needs.

If your organization needs help identifying and answering the most important resource-related questions consistently and understanding how to take measured steps in deploying the “just right” level of supporting process and technology, download the RMMM right now.

You can download whitepaper from this link.
You can watch videocast about RMMM


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