PPM for ITIL as Complementing Methodology

Many IT shops are reaping the benefits of using a variety of ITSM process methodologies in conjunction with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). By using the ITIL framework with other methods, such as Six Sigma, project and portfolio management (PPM) and ISO 20000, companies are reaping additional benefits including improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity and the ability to provide more value to the business, in a shorter period of time.

Most companies of a certain size already have PPM processes in place to govern the way they prioritize their project workloads. Many of these same companies are also using the ITIL framework to streamline processes and create better standards for delivering services to the business.

As companies become more mature in their ITIL processes, they are seeing the benefits of using formal PPM practices to manage their service offerings. For instance, mature ITIL shops that use service portfolio management (SPM) and have service catalogs can leverage their PPM processes to formally manage service rollouts, vs. just projects.

“IT organizations are now saying, ‘I understand services and now need a disciplined way to make decisions,'” said Jack Probst, an executive consultant at Pink Elephant, an ITSM consulting company. “And these companies are re-spinning PPM to make decisions relative to services now, not just projects.”

Many experts consider PPM the execution arm of SPM. The two working together allow companies to now focus on the entire lifecycle of the service.

No matter what process methodology you choose to use with your ITIL framework, remember that they’re all geared to the same goal of improving service delivery to the customer. One challenge to be aware of is the tendency for companies to create armed camps.

Next week we talk about SPM & PPM

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