HP PPM supports business portfolio and project management

The other day, I was looking for some interesting facts about customers who were using PPM to help them with project and portfolio management and wanted to share this one that I found really interesting.  

Did you know that many HP PPM customers are actually using PPM to manage their business projects and processes?  (If you believe everything you read, you might think that we only support “IT” projects).. But, many of you know it’s not that black and white.   Indeed, HP PPM is a project and portfolio management solution that supports the strategic portfolio and project management – in the business (and IT as well).   Want to see some examples?

 Check out this excerpt from a TechValidate case study about a Large Enterprise Retail customer :

TVID_B5A-9F2-7D1.png Source:  TechValidate  TVID: B5A-9F2-7D1


Or, here’s one other example from TechValidate, this time, from a case study about a Large Enterprise Financial Services Company:


 – Source:  TechValidate TVID: E19-ACE-F23


Regardless of your specific domain (RD, Marketing, or even Information Technology), you have to manage competing business priorities, select strategic projects and manage the execution.  Without a common platform and process to track and manage all the moving parts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and out of alignment.  Good project and portfolio management is not only a challenge in IT.  Every business faces this challenge and needs to focus on steady improvement.

Do you have a different perspective?  I think the need for PPM is widespread.

Article source: HP PPM Blog

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