Announcing PPM 9.12 and Application Portfolio Management

Today, I’m very excited to announce the most recent update to HP’s industry leading Project and Portfolio

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Management solution.  As a central element in the HP IT Performance Suite, Project and PortfolioManagement helps organizations capture, manage, prioritize and select projects for future investment.  The approved projects are then tracked and managed, providing clear data about the health and status of all projects in flight.  The portfolio and project execution information from PPM is accessible through PPM dashboard and the HP Executive Scorecard.

This latest version of PPM 9.12 builds upon the PPM 9.1 framework announced in February, focusing on a number of key innovations and enhancements.

At the top of the list is the addition of the new Application Portfolio Management (APM) module to the PPM

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platform,enabling customers to actively manage their application portfolio – rationalizing the size and cost of their portfolio.  In many organizations, 60 to 70 percent of their IT budget is devoted to supporting the existing applications and infrastructure.

Leveraging Application Portfolio Management processes, they can discover opportunities for modernization and simplification, leading to lower operating costs, increased capacity for innovation and application re-use.  Application Portfolio Management (APM), incorporates key best practices gleaned from years of HP experience performing application rationalizations on behalf of customers.

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As an integrated module of PPM, data from the Application

Portfolio module flows into the overall portfolio management processes of PPM, enabling prioritization, optimization and what if analysis to determine the ideal investments for the organization.

Also new in PPM 9.12 is a new Business Objects PPM operational reporting universe focused on project management.   We’re delivering this update through  the HP

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Live Network – see this post, for more details about HP Live Network, which will be a key delivery mechanism for both reporting content and future PPM best practices.

We continue to improve and enhance the PPM user interface to make it simple and intuitive for end users to manage their portfolios and projects.  For example, in portfolio analysis, the table of proposals is now more flexible and dynamic, supporting sorting and end user modifications.   Also, a flexible table component is now available throughout the demand management workflow.

We are all very excited about how the new capabilities of PPM and Application Portfolio Management will help organizations become more efficient and effective in reaching their business goals.

Article source: HP PPM Blog

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