Why PPM is a vital component of your Cloud transformation strategy

Published: July 13 2011, 03:15 AM
by James Ramsay

Two key findings leapt out at me when reading “The PPM Cloud Accelerator Report 2011www.ca.com/gb/cloud_accelerator  a new global research study conducted by Ovum for CA Technologies. 

Firstly, the independent confirmation of a long held belief of mine that a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is fundamental to delivering successful cloud transformation programs, and secondly that non-PPM users will in future increasingly look to adopt PPM solutions to support their own transformation activities.

The need for transformation

Faced with the unsustainable gap between the increasing business demand for IT services and what IT can actually deliver, CIOs recognize that incremental improvements are no longer sufficient and that they need to start transforming their organizations now or face a future where at best IT becomes increasingly marginalized and at worst is seen as irrelevant by the rest of the business.   

CIOs are eager to change the general perception of IT being seen as a cost centre,  where an estimated 60-80% of IT budgets remain focused on maintaining existing services and “keeping the lights on”, to a centre for driving business innovation and leading business change.

Major new technology trends, especially Cloud Computing, provide CIOs with opportunities to optimize their IT cost structures i.e. to free up funds to focus on strategic initiatives, to accelerate the ROI of new business initiatives and get them to market faster.

The need for PPM

Adopting the right cloud services requires careful transformation planning, execution and control.  The survey found that by 2013, there will be a 13 percent increase in the demand for PPM among organizations to plan and execute successful cloud initiatives-the highest increase of any software category used to manage public cloud-related transformation projects.

It’s no surprise really considering that PPM enables organizations to plan and execute the optimal balance of cloud based and traditional IT services for a blended service portfolio, increasing business agility and innovation. Download the report and let me know what you think www.ca.com/gb/cloud_accelerator

By: James Ramsay
James Ramsay is a Principal Consultant for CA Technologies, working across EMEA, specializing in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions and their role in driving innovation across an enterprise.
James has over 20 years experience of IT driven business innovation, starting from his role as…

Article source: CA PPM Blog

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