Transforming IT into a centre for business innovation

There is no doubting that IT Transformation is a hot topic. A March 2011 CA Technologies European survey of IT leaders, undertaken as part of the “Cloud Connected CIO” seminar series, identified that 87% of the companies surveyed have either embarked on an IT Transformation programme or will do so in the next year.

My blog on IT Transformation, Whatever you want: Why the “Consumerization” of IT Services necessitates CIOs becoming Business Service Portfolio Managers”, discussed how technology trends, such as Cloud Computing and Virtualization….and business trends, like mobility and social networking, are converging to drive the increased “consumerization” of IT services, meaning that the Business is no longer beholden to internal IT and is able to provision whatever IT services they want, often much faster and cheaper directly from Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Consequently, IT now finds itself in a dogfight to remain partner of choice for the business.  CIOs recognize that they need to start to innovate around their business models in order to transform IT to become like an MSP or “Service Broker” focused on delivering the right portfolio of IT services, irrespective of sourcing models, to drive business value.

For me IT Transformation, like other business change programs, is about innovation.  In fact, I believe that IT Transformation provides a perfect example of a business innovation process and how Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) can be used to optimize the planning, execution and control of the process in order to maximize ROI.  Increasingly PPM solutions are being used to support the delivery of a variety of transformations – including data center consolidation, application rationalization and vendor consolidation programs.

My previous blogs What is PPM for Innovation?”  and Why PPM for Innovation should be “business as usual” in your organization” describe how PPM facilitates the more effective planning and execution of innovation processes.  Although written in the context of Product Innovation and optimizing the Product Portfolio, I believe the message is 100% applicable to IT Transformation enabling CIOs to determine how best to leverage new and existing technology platforms to deliver maximum business value. This will not only help to change the perception of IT from being seen as a cost center to a hub of business innovation, but will also bring CIOs closer to their overall strategic goals of driving business innovation and leading business change.

If you want to learn more about this subject I actively recommend you to attend the forthcoming CA Technologies PPM webcast: “Transforming IT into a Managed Service Provider”, where speakers from Forrester Research Inc and CA Technologies will further discuss:

  • The challenges facing IT and the need for IT Transformation
  • How CIOs should address IT Transformation and determine how best to leverage new technologies
  • How PPM enables CIOs to more effectively Plan, Execute and Control IT Transformation programs

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Article source: CA PPM Blog

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