A project in more than one program?

In our recent PPM 9.1 updates, we’ve been discussing various facets of thePPM 9.1 Portfolio Hierarchy.pngPortfolio Hierarchy in PPM 9.1.  Last week, we had a whole blog post dedicated to the topic of Program Management in the PPM 9.1. portfolio hierarchy.

Well, there’s a bit more to the Program Management story that I want to explain.  Prior to the introduction of the hierarchy in PPM 9.1, programs were one of the primary ways that projects could be grouped together for reporting and oversight.  In some cases, people would have multiple programs in place for different purposes, and then one project might actually be listed as part of more than one program.   What was probably a workaround was actually a useful feature.  In PPM 9.1, this capability continues to be available, with only a few caveats.

PPM 9.1 Portfolio Hierarchy.png

It’s important to understand that the portfolio hierarchy is intended to be where the financial roll up and reporting occurs.  This means that a project, asset or proposal can only exist in the Portfolio Hierarchy ONCE.  Otherwise, we would run into double counting and all sorts of confusing problems.   But, in PPM 9.1, it is possible to have multiple programs just like you could before.   The only difference is that the ‘extra’ programs must exist outside of the portfolio hierarchy.  The additional programs, give users the flexibility to organize and group projects in whatever way makes the most sense.  The key is that within the portfolio hierarchy, there can only be one instance of any specific program, project, proposal or asset.

So, in addition to the power of the Portfolio Hierarchy, PPM 9.1 also gives you the flexibility to have programs to manage your specific grouping and reporting needs.

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