"Oh PMO, PMO, Wherefore Art Thou, PMO?"

Tis’ but I, fair Juliet, who make great haste to post thy blog.

(Naw, it’s just me. Juliet went on Spring Break and ended up getting her stomach pumped; must’ve been a bad batch of Belladonna Shrimp.)

Look, I am emotionally spent from the intensity of all the martial arts metaphors lately. So, I am turning to the Bard for a more lighthearted perspective on things.

But seriously, wherefore art thou, PMO?

In particular, where are all the PMO conferences, summits and symposia? A web search revealed a dearth of upcoming 2011 events, especially in the US. Of course, there is the Mother of All PMO Events, the PMO Symposium, coming up in November, and the ASMI/Performance Institute PMO Summit in April, but after that, PMO-specific pickings get pretty slim unless you happen to be in London or Rio. Yes, there are several project management and PPM events scheduled, but they usually only have one or two breakout sessions dedicated to the PMO, bobbing amongst an endless sea of time, cost and quality.

So, this begs the question, is the market simply following limited demand, or is there demand for PMO conferences that is going unfulfilled? Or, could it be that PMO knowledge transfer opportunities are simply being drawn into the vacuum of the ionic netosphere?

Speaking of virtual events, it’s about time that you and I have another online chat. We are diligently working on pulling together an April webcast with a certain-PMO-someone you all know, love and admire (yes, and I’ll be there too…) to kick the tires and light your fires. Look for more details about that in a few weeks after we finalize dates and topics.

By the way, if you didn’t attend the Planview Product Expo last week, the recorded content will be around for awhile for you to check out. Planview Enterprise Version 10.3 absolutely rocks, and some of the new features are sure to rock your PMO world.

Article source: Planview Enterprise Navigator

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