CA PPM 14.2 Pros & Cons with the Data Warehouse


Doug Greer (CA PPM Solutions Architect) and Camille Pack (Content Creation for Rego Consulting) sat down and talk about forecasting performance in CA PPM 14.2 

  • CA PPM 14.2 is advertised as a two server operation. The assumption is that On Premise clients will already own, or will purchase, an additional server to house the Data Warehouse (DWH). This will allow queries to bypass the CA PPM database, decreasing transactional stress and speeding up the process.
  • Even The Clarity data model had a lot of complex tables, CA PPM 14.2 Data Warehouse has far fewer, and it includes all your custom fields and objects for ad hoc reporting. it could build reports 10 – 20% faster.
  • Because the data model is simpler, it may be easier to train resources to build reports and portlets.

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