What’s in your Portfolio – do you have Programs in there?

PPM 9.1 Portfolio Hierarchy.pngIn our recent PPM 9.1 update, where we introduced the exciting Portfolio Hierarchy innovation in the latest release of PPM.  

Program management is one of the most significant areas that has been improved as a result of this unique capability.   Typically, when multiple interrelated projects need to coordinate and synchronize to achieve their business objectives, they are grouped into programs, – enabling efficient oversight and monitoring of the overall effort.   In PPM, Program Management has always been a strength.

PPM 9.1 Portfolio Hierarchy.png 

Now, in PPM 9.1 through the Portfolio Hierarchy, Programs can take on a more important role.  

For example – if your organization manages program level proposals for new work, then PPM 9.1 can manage and track these. 

Or, perhaps you want your Program to track assets/systems following the completion of an individual project.  PMM 9.1 can handle that as well.   

So, in addition to the more typical grouping of related projects, Programs in PPM 9.1 now can also provide oversight and management of both proposals and assets.

PPM 9.1 Program Mgt Dashboard.pngLet’s go a little deeper into program management.  The program manager is responsible to manage the overall health and status of the program.  So, PPM 9.1 helps program managers in a number of ways.  To illustrate this, the Program Mgt dashboard is the starting point, where they are able to see consolidated status and financials of the projects within the program.   This gives the Program Manager the ability to quickly spot areas within the program that may warrant additional support or attention.  

PPM_Program_Finanical Summary_012.pngProgram level financial Management in PPM 9.1 is powered by the Financial Summary, which provides both high level financial oversight of the program and sufficient detail to effectively manage and control the program’s finances.  This gives the program manager essentially the same financial management tools that are used to manage the finances at the project level.  I’ll dedicate a future blog post to explore the details of the Financial Summary in PPM.

Hopefully, you get the picture – in PPM 9.1, Programs are robust management tool that can help your organization track and effectively manage a wide variety of project/program scenarios.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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