HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM) Software named a leader in IDC Marketscape 2010

On December 1st, IDC analysts Melinda-Carol Ballou and Joseph  Pucciarelli published their comprehensive review of the IT Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) market.   Their research confirms the continued growth of the IT  PPM market and that the business capabilities PPM solutions provide are becoming more and more vital.  


According to IDC regarding PPM Tools, “These are not “nice to have” capabilities. Effective decision making for IT projects and programs remains a matter of survival in the current dynamic international economic and regulatory climate.”


This year, IDC’s research extended beyond typical IT PPM capabilities and the two views published last year to include the even greater breadth for the IT PPM market.    Specifically, the evaluation was divided into four weighting strategies or views to arrive at conclusions:


  1. A  typical Enterprise IT PPM perspective,
  2. A focus on  SaaS or ‘hosted’ perspective,
  3. An IT financial management (ITFM) with IT Service Management (ITSM) perspective,
  4. An application life-cycle management (ALM) perspective.


The IDC study provided an in depth evaluation of 15 PPM vendors clearly illustrating how competitive and dynamic the PPM market has become (along with summaries of user reference calls).  HP PPM was ranked in the leaders segment of 3 weighted areas and as a major vendor in the fourth.


  • In the Enterprise IT PPM point of view, HP PPM is a leader in the segment, demonstrating comprehensive project and portfolio management capabilities to support complex and demanding project and portfolio management needs of today’s business.  


  • As a ‘Major Vendor’ in the SaaS analysis, HP PPM Center is a solid offering which can provide rapid implementation and simplified infrastructure support of a comprehensive solution.


  • According to the IDC report;  HP emerged as a leader in IDC’s IT financial management segment as a result of its combined financial and service management capabilities with PPM, … which it is strengthening further with PPM Center v9.1


  • The HP PPMC and HP Quality Center (including the Quality Center Agile Accelerator) integration, position HP PPM in the leaders segment of the ALM/PPM space.

Overall, the IDC study provides objective and comprehensive insight about the current PPM market.   Furthermore, the strength HP’s PPM Center is clear, and as stated by IDC, “Overall, HP is highly competitive in the IT PPM market, and we expect it to continue to evolve as a dominant player.”  


You can access the full report at:   IDC




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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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