Vendor Management and Project Management – Can you handle the truth?

I just saw a great post about the importance of contract and vendor management to effective project management by Rick Graham at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.   You should check it out.

More and more, the projects we run projects are formed from hybrid teams of people from a variety of companies , brought together around a shared charter (though each with different ultimate objectives).    Effectively selecting and then managing vendors and is so important, it is even called out as Process Areas in CMMI  – “Supplier Agreement Management”.     As a project manager, it’s not enough to manage the ‘internal team”, you also are responsible for the extended team as well.  

Then, just when you thought it was complicated enough, the evolution of SaaS and now the the emergence of the “Cloud”, only makes vendor management even more critical.  

From our perspective, we’ve even seen an uptake in HP Partners who are using HP PPM to help customers with their vendor management challenges.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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