“Have you ‘balanced’ your portfolio lately? – I don’t mean how much does it weigh.”

I’m not sure about you, but I try to find ‘balance’ in my life.  Too much of one thing (like work) and not enough life can be bad on your health, relationships, family etc.   (At times, I’ve often suggested that my “Work/Life” balance is a #divide by zero error.)   When I saw Tom Mochal’s recent post about “Balance Points” at Projects@Work, it resonated.    You should go read it.

He’s talking about being deliberate and thoughtful about how you shape your portfolio to achieve a healthy mix.   As he suggests, it could be risk, strategic vs. tactical or Corporate vs Field – the point is that there is no precise mix of “Balance Points”, rather they are a conscious decision that leaders in the organization are making. 

These are very hard decisions and having reliable and accurate information about the portfolio must be critical when having “Balance Point” conversations.  

What do you think – how do you achieve balance in your portfolio?   What are the dimensions and what are your challenges?

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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