CA Clarity PPM 13.3: Making Life Better for You


There are different types of product releases for enterprise software products. Some releases are focused on high-profile features, some are evolutionary, and on rare occasions they can be revolutionary. Occasionally, the most important releases are those that address user needs by improving performance, eliminating obstacles, or simply making life better for your customers. The 13.3 release of CA Clarity™ PPM is one of those releases.

Our customers have seen high-profile and extraordinary improvements to the CA Clarity solution in recent releases. CA Clarity PPM v13 was a substantial evolutionary shift to a next-generation PPM user experience. And, the introduction of CA Clarity Playbook was a revolutionary step in expanding the reach of PPM to the executive level and improving strategic planning. The 13.2 release of CA Clarity PPM had ground-breaking marquis features such as what-if analysis in the re-designed Portfolio Management or the new Mobile Time Manager smartphone app that enables time tracking mobility.Mobile Time Manager

The 13.3 release of CA Clarity PPM is just as important because it includes quality, performance, and usability improvements that make life better for causal and power users alike. Features like the redesigned installation process and improved integration with Microsoft Project may not grab headlines, but they will delight our customers. Other enhancements such as the interactive Gantt printing and the ability to rebrand the login page are sure to be crowd-pleasers as those suggestions came directly from customers. Likewise, we know our customers will appreciate the substantial investment put into removing obstacles by resolving customer-reported issues and improving performance.

There will be many more exciting, high-profile features and revolutionary introductions to the CA Clarity solution down the road. But this lower-profile 13.3 release of CA Clarity PPM may prove to be one of the all-time favorites among our customers.

To learn more about CA Clarity PPM 13.3, tune in to our live webcast on Wednesday, January 29. Click here to register for the webcast or to watch the recording after the event.

Article source: CA PPM Blog

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