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It’s time to embark on the next journey of discovery in our blog series dedicated to the latest and greatest features of HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) version 9.22. Today, we’ll focus on the integration between PPM Center and Agile Manager, and how to import agile effort directly into PPM Center time sheets. 

What exactly does Agile Manager do for users? Well, HP Agile Manager handles the agile projects and the agile portions of hybrid projects while HP PPM Center acts as the over-arching project management tool (for projects both traditional and agile). All the work and time spent on Agile Manager is referred to as “agile effort,” which is separate from hours spent on the PPM Center. With a system separate from HP PPM Center, users track their hours directly on Agile Manager before reporting their hours again on the PPM Center time sheet. Therefore, although the integration provides maximum visibility between traditional and agile projects, users have to report theirs hours/efforts multiple times. 

In project management, keeping track of tasks and efforts for each project is very important.  Maintaining consistent data across platforms and tools can be a complicated matter if users have to manually monitor and record hours and efforts. In version 9.22, the HP PPM team has extended the capability of the integration solution between PPM Center and HP Agile Manager. This newest version offers a new feature that allows users to directly import agile efforts from HP Agile Manager into their PPM Center time sheets. This frees end users from reporting their time repeatedly, saving time and ensuring data consistency between the two platforms. In addition, this integration shares information between product development teams and project managers—providing added visibility. 

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Users can implement the latest feature of the PPM Center/HP Agile Manager integration in three, simple steps:

Step One: Install Agile Manager Integration Plug-In 1.2

  • When users update to the latest version of HP PPM, they must also download the newest version of the plug-in required to connect Agile Manager to the PPM Center. This is a one-time action.

Step Two: Configure the Integration between PPM Center Time Sheets and HP Agile Manager

  • Users must set up the integration between the two platforms before data can be transferred, and allow external data into the PPM Center’s time sheets.
    • Note: Only new time sheets will be affected by the new integration. Old, pre-existing time sheets will still load with the old time sheet policy.

Step Three: Import the Agile Effort from HP Agile Manager to PPM Center Time Sheets

  • Once the integration between PPM Center Time Sheets and HP Agile Manager has been set up, users can import agile effort from Agile Manager as external data, directly into the PPM Center’s time sheets.
  • To import agile effort, select HP Agile Manager as the external system that the external data will come from. Next, import the data. All efforts are then imported and distributed to each of the working days of the time sheet.

For a detailed, step-by-step look at each of the three steps above, check out the HP PPM 9.22 release notes here. For all things HP PPM please visit hp.com/go/ppm

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