The new and improved HP PPM 9.22 is here!

In a season where the spirit of giving is abundant, it’s nice to be on the receiving end of things. With the latest release, HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) 9.22 users now have many of the benefits and integrated features from their wish lists!

When PPM 9.21 was released, the focus was on introducing a hybrid style of management by integrating waterfall/traditional and agile projects together. With HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) 9.22, the foundation of hybrid project management is already in place, so we shifted focus towards enhanced usability and more efficient synchronization between Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Agile Manager. Here are some of the most important things that the newest version has to offer:

1. Enhanced Usability:
  • An enhanced resource management module provides users with new capabilities in mapping and filtering to simplify resource planning.
  • Resource managers now have the option to export resource management information to fully functional native excel spreadsheets.
2. View project quality with the HP PPM-ALM integration:
  • Users can now map multiple HP PPM sub-projects to one HP ALM release.
  • Each HP ALM project has its own customized filter which gives hybrid project managers the visibility to easily find project quality details.
  • An enhanced customization capability allows project managers to have customized quality KPI metrics.
  • Quality reports can be easily generated based on individually customized metrics.
3. PPM-Agile Manager integration:
  • HP PPM 9.22 provides synchronization between HP Agile Manager and HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM).
  • Agile project effort details from HP Agile Manager can now be directly imported to PPM time sheets, thus eliminating the need for agile project participants to separately log their efforts into PPM.
4. PPM’s Application Portfolio Management module:
  • Out of the box integration with HP’s UCMDB product.
  • New “roadmap” entity allows our customers better high-level application planning.
To summarize, HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM) version 9.22 brings new usability enhancements and robust integrations to enable you to better manage resources and monitor quality for large projects. New efforts into synchronization amongst platforms allow end users to report their daily work on timesheets with less effort than ever before.
We will be delving deeper into these enhancements and integrations in upcoming blogs so be sure to stay tuned right here!
Let us know what you think of HP PPM 9.22! Leave a comment below or tweet us at @HPPPM!
For more information on HP PPM 9.22, please refer to the HP Project and Portfolio Management 9.22 Release Notes on SSO.
And for all things HP PPM please visit our homepage here.

Article source: HP PPM Blog

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