Mobilize your PPM system with HP Anywhere!

In today’s IT world, the surge in the prevalence of mobile IT increases the demand for project and portfolio management across mobile platforms. Industry professionals are constantly on-the-go and they need their software solutions to go with them. The changes in the style of IT not only encompass the increase in mobile users, they also include the shift to user-centric IT. In this new era, user centricity has taken over system centricity—the system must now revolve around the user, instead of the other way around. . This is why HP Anywhere, along with HP Project and Portfolio Manager are here to help you mobilize your enterprise.

In basketball, the center is a crucial member of the team. Wherever the ball goes, the center is there, roaming the paint and blocking shots. Similarly, HP Anywhere is the necessary center in the HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM) Dream Team. HP Anywhere is a mobile app that supports multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and various mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. It has the capability to:

  • Simplify connectivity to legacy systems of record
  • Enable management and control of mobile apps
  • Manage security from a central point of control
  • Accelerate development
  • Enable context-based collaboration

Mobile_RGB_blue.pngHP Anywhere hosts three mini apps for HP PPM. These apps are essentially the mobilized version of HP PPM. First is the HP PPM Request Management app. It allows you to respond to requests that are awaiting action. With your smart phone, you have the ability to perform all workflow actions in an efficient and timely manner. The second is the HP PPM Timesheet Submission App, which gives users the ability to create, edit and submit timesheets on the smart phone without having to log onto the PPM center. The third is the Timesheet Approval App. This app allows users to approve or reject timesheets using their smart phone.

For a more in depth look at the mini apps, check out our previous blog on the HP PPM Request Management and HP PPM Timesheet Approval Apps and our other blog on the HP PPM Timesheet Submission App

Together, HP PPM and HP Anywhere work together as a team to be there for you whenever you need them.  HP Anywhere is your center and backbone and works to connect you to HP PPM 24/7 at any point in the game.

Article source: HP PPM Blog

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