HP PPM’s Co-Captain: What HP Agile Manager can do for you

What happens when you view your project and portfolio environment as a sports team? You gain a new perspective of how everything works together, and a greater understanding of what it means for you. Let’s take a closer look today at the roles of HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM) and HP Agile Manager.

As the head coach, HP Project and Portfolio Manager (PPM) is the central point for managing and continuously assessing the health of the whole project. At his side is HP Agile Manager which acts as co-captain, keeping a keen eye on your agile project components. HP Agile Manager is your trusty second set of brains and judgment. The skills Agile possesses complement yours and allow the two of you to set up the best strategies for your team.

With HP PPM, your strength is in enabling collaborative decision making

that complements the basic Agile principle of “individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Software engineering with Agile is a team effort, and having HP PPM and HP Agile Manager work together is a match made in IT heaven.  This pairing allows for collaborations across the development cycle.

Sprint.jpgIt includes capabilities for:

  • Prioritizing
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Editing
  • Change management
  • Ongoing maintenance


Through tight integration between HP PPM and HP Agile Manager, key Agile project information is accessible to all team members, allowing for greater visibility and control at every stage of the development process


Project, demand, resource, time.jpg


Whilst working together, HP PPM and HP Agile Manager can set up game plays with their abundant scenario-based planning capabilities and give you the ability to forecast the financial and technical impacts of changes. You can then utilize this information to optimize the best business outcomes for your project.

HP PPM and HP Agile Manager work together to allow data to easily flow between stages. They also enable control points and reporting at any point in the lifecycle, thus bringing together the right level of visibility, to the right person, at the right time, for real-time decision making.

Take control of your project and find the best business outcomes—hire HP Agile Manager as your assistant coach. For more information on HP PPM and HP Agile Manager please visit hp.com/go/ppm or check out this white paper.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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