Enhanced Service with the new HP PPM mobile apps

In today’s rapid and ever-changing business environment, project managers often need to respond quickly—sometimes even while on the go. Time is of the essence and business approvers may not always be available, it is possible that approvals end up suspended and stalled.

Our newest mobile apps allow for an easy way to access HP Project and Portfolio Management. Now you can view and save requests, perform available workflow actions and facilitate a quick response time—all are critical to business performance.   We released the Timesheet Submission mobile app a few months ago, and now we want to introduce you to some of its new friends, who, we presume, will quickly become your new friends.

HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Request Management App: This trusty tool is there for you when you’re on the move and need to respond quickly to requests that are awaiting action.  Can’t access HP PPM?  Not a problem!   With the HP PPM Request app, you can view request information in detail, from any location and at any time.  With just a smartphone, all workflow actions can be performed in an efficient and timely manner.

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To give a brief overview, the HP PPM Request User App has a simple user flow where the user can view all requests, group by request type, and list requests in the order of last update time.

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The user can then view request details which include all visible fields and available actions, as well as note detailed information. Users can easily access the section and note detail by tapping the “” button.

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The user can then perform workflow action upon request. The reconfirm page will display fields that require double-checking.   After approval, the current request list will be updated.

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Empty fields will be marked with red and an error message will appear until the fields are filled from the HP PPM web page.

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HP Timesheet Approval App: This new HP PPM app allows users to approve or reject timesheets using their smartphone without having to log on to the HP Project and Portfolio Management web page.blog picture 8.png


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We hope with HP Project and Portfolio Management’s newest selection of mobile apps managing your projects becomes flexible and timely, allowing you to have maximum efficiency and ease of access.

Download them today from HP Live Network:

PPM Request Approval app

PPM TM Approval app

I encourage you to download and try these apps out. Then let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Article source: HP PPM Blog

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