HP PPM integrations: An introduction to the PPM Dream Team

When I say “Dream Team”, what comes to mind? Do you think of the gold-winning, 1992 Olympic Men’s basketball team? You know the team with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson- just to name a few.

Now it’s not 1992, it isn’t the Olympics and we aren’t in Barcelona (but we will be soon for HP Discover!). But, as we all learned back then, no matter how great an individual is, when great talent comes together to create an all-star team, it will always come out on top. Here at HP we’ve taken a page out of sports history and assembled our very own HP Project and Portfolio Management Integrations Dream Team.

Get in the game and meet your teammates:

  • HP Agile Manager
  • HP Anywhere
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • HP Application Portfolio Management (APM)
  • HP Asset Manager (AM)
  • HP IT Executive Scorecard

In this sports scenario, HP Project and Portfolio Manager is the equivalent of Chuck Daly, head coach of that fateful team. Daly knew that 92 team, inside out.  HP PPM knows your business inside out and provides a clear, real-time view into your portfolio, demand, in-flight projects and programs across your organization.  As the mastermind of the team HP PPM is there to coach, integrate and unify your business’ plays towards investment prioritization and project execution. The end result for you is the gold-medal of project and portfolio management with:

  • More projects completed on-budget and on average 45.5 percent more projects completed early
  • Reduced costs and burdens to your organization
  • And ROI on both your projects and your portfolio, customers who have implemented HP PPM have an average of 6.2 percent  budget return within a year

Give it up for your assistant coach, HP Agile Manager

Your game is always changing and is accelerating at the speed of light. This is the perfect time for your assistant coach HP Agile Manager to step in. Like a great assistant coach, this SaaS-based solution is there to assist you and your team anywhere, anytime. With HP Agile Manager on your side, you can always obtain full visibility to ensure that you are investing in the right players to meet the highest priorities for your business, at any point in the game.

With HP Project and Portfolio Manager at the center of your environment managing and assessing the health of your projects and portfolio, and HP Agile Manager focusing on backlog management and day-to-day planning of your agile projects, this coaching staff ensures you are optimizing your business outcomes.

Give it up for your point guard, HP Application Portfolio Management

A point guards needs to know your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and use that information to call the right plays.  This is why you need HP Application Portfolio Management (HP APM) in your court. HP APM synchronizes your IT and business priorities while optimizing application roadmaps. This allows you to prioritize your application portfolio based on business goals and IT technology decisions. HP APM can help you reduce risk, increase stakeholder visibility and allow for ongoing governance.

Give it up for your center, HP Anywhere

With today’s influx of mobile technology and the growth of the mobile enterprise in the IT world, you need a center on your team. Enter HP Anywhere, the new center of your PPM Universe. HP Anywhere is a mobile app platform that can connect you to HP PPM, 24/7, anywhere, at any stage in the game.

Give it up for your shooting guard, HP Application Lifecycle Management

The shooting guard is an integral part of your project management team, making sure new plays are correct and that the game is moving in the right direction. HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM) is your shooting guard for modern application testing. HP ALM enables you to manage the application lifecycle from a single repository where you can collaborate, plan, build and accelerate the delivery of the applications. With HP ALM, you will improve visibility to your team by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Give it up for your small forward, HP Asset Manager

A power forward is quick and versatile, someone that has capabilities in contract management, license compliance, and IT financial management. This is the role of HP Asset Manager. HP AM gives you direct insight into available resources to give your projects the greatest possible chances for success. HP AM is heavily integrated with other electronic data sources. It can manage the entire lifecycle of an IT asset, measure vendor performance and optimize the allocation of IT assets for the greatest return on IT investments.

And because no game would be complete without someone keeping score, give it up for HP IT Executive Scorecard

As you know, for a project, the value of real time information is huge and manually pulling together data significantly slows down reporting speeds. HP IT Executive Scorecard brings you real time information by automating the reporting process. It automatically gathers performance data from multiple sources so you can analyze and report the information in near real time. If your goals are continual improvement, improved predictability, complete insight into your projects and teams and the potential to decrease PMO costs, HP IT Executive Scorecard is the scorekeeper for you.

And that completes our introduction to our very own HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Integrations Dream Team! Stay tuned, we will be diving deeper into each of these integrations in future blogs.

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Article source: HP PPM Blog

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