HP PPM 9.21

HP PPM 9.21 brings a number of new benefits and features we think you’re going to enjoy. We don’t want to give it all away, but we did want to highlight a few new things we’re especially excited about:

  • Integrations between Agile Manager (AgM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) now run even deeper. With PPM 9.21 you have the ability to map more than one ALM release to a PPM project and the functionality to map ALM releases and AgM releases to a PPM project.
  • We’ve also introduced sub project capability in PPM 9.21
  • PPM 9.21 reintroduces the minimize functionality on portlets
  • PPM 9.21 is happy to introduce RESTful web services for Time Management (TM)
  • In another new Time Management development, we now enable Charge Codes when copying Time Sheets
  • Labour and Non-Labour actuals can now be manually adjusted within a project
  • PM 9.21 is certified with MS Excel 2013
  • And if you haven’t heard, the HP PPM Timesheet Submission mini-app for HP Anywhere 10.0 is available
  • Last, but not least, HP PPM 9.21 is now certified with the iOS Safari browser, providing you with most PPM capabilities, right from your iPad, anywhere you go!
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