HP PPM 9.14.0006 Patch

PPM Center version 9.14.0006 includes defect fixes since version 9.14.0005 in addition to PPM Center version 9.14, 9.14.0001, 9.14.0002, 9.14.0003, and 9.14.0004.

Warning: Defect fixes included in patches (up until 9.14.0005) on top of version 9.14 are rolled into version 9.20. If you are on PPM Center patch 9.14.0005 (or later), do not upgrade to PPM Center version 9.20 yet, otherwise you may encounter some regression regarding the defect fixes in 9.14.0005 (and later). You may want to wait for the next available patch on top of version 9.20 to have those defect fixes.

Click here to download Patch File

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